From Swipe to BAE


The guide the CEO’s of dating apps forgot to create.


What if getting dates IRL was no longer an issue for you?


What if you felt calm, confident, and cool on each and every date?


What if you knew how to stay in BAE territory?


Well, lucky for you- I wrote the book on exactly that, a live video and audio masterclass too to help teach you this dating strategy as best as possible without 1:2:1 coaching with me! You can find everything you need here.

Why I Wrote From Swipe to BAE

I wrote “From Swipe to BAE” for gals because the struggle to navigate this world is real and because, gal code! 


A lot of people believe that no one actually wants to BAE-up these days, but that’s completely false!


We’ve just landed in a situation where the dating game has evolved and we don’t know how to navigate it and get to something real.


I want you to have this guide to hand when you’re at brunch trying to figure out what’s going on with that new guy you matched with, or after a third date when you’re not sure what to do next.

This is the book I wish someone would have given me years ago because it would have saved years of heartache and loneliness.



Download the audio masterclass now to boost your dating success almost instantly, and grab a copy of your book which is like the best friend at brunch you never had with all the answers to your questions, what men really want, and how to handle key situations like texting, exclusivity, the inevitable male pull back and so much more!


Dating really is easy and fun when you know what you’re doing and more importantly what you are looking for- i.e. a great guy… which is exactly what I outline in the first chapter of both the audio and the book. The 3 types of men out there and how to both spot and keep a great one. You will learn loads on how to work your self-confidence. You’ll learn easy to implement tools and techniques that will completely change the course of the dating game,  how to spot toxic people and walk away, and make dating easier than ever.


What you learn in “From Swipe to BAE” will put you back in the driver’s seat and let you take control of your relationships in a way that makes you appear cool, calm, confident, and still fun and likable. 



  • How to Find Great Guys

  • Dating Mindset Guide

  • Date by Date Guide

  • Dating App Profile Tips

  • Dating “Hacks” such as...

  • Flipping late-night texts back to dating territory

  • Pre-date steps to keep him interested without appearing desperate

  • How to lead texting to BAE territory

  • How to optimize your swipe and response time



I used your flip the hook up trap back to date territory and it worked! OMG, and I feel like no matter what happens, I’m in control and confident.


Thank god for your glossary, your book is sooooo funny and educational, love it! The date by date guide is beyond helpful and exactly what I needed.


You’ve made it so easy to understand and remind me of what everyone actually wants, and get out of my head worrying. What’s even nicer is I know now that the crap I was going through wasn’t just me.

“From Swipe to BAE” is specifically written for women like yourself to help you break the dating cycle of swipe, date, ghost and make a real impact on potential BAEs and guarantee a second date- if you want it!


I help women achieve real personal connections even through all the tech of the 2020 dating world. I also help you reconnect with yourselves and find out how to make yourselves happy again before worrying about trying to find a partner to help make you happy.


My biggest desire is to help you successfully navigate the dating world in 2020 and to make dating FUN again!


I promise that my strategies will help you to get new dates easily, feel confident and comfortable on the dates you do go on, and then drive any potential interest into BAE territory without getting ghosted, strung along in the friend zone or just hit up for those late-night hookups.


If you’re ready to break the cycle, then click here to order your own copy of “From Swipe to BAE”.