In this fun masterclass you're going to learn an accellerated version of my book and increase your dating success as soon as you apply the tools I teach in this dating strategy that works in the world of dating apps and even more so in Covid-19 where digital dating is our new normal.


From Swipe to Bae live masterclass is gals trying to navigate this cluster crazy world of dating apps and ready to get out of what I call swipe syndrome and date feeling happy and empowered. In less than 2 hours you're going to learn the truth about men and keys to dating success that keep YOU (the most important person in all of this) happy and with your self worth high. I'll highlight the toxic behaviors in people to watch out for and walk away from so you bae happy and healthy.


Here's the full masterclass that was co-created with men across London, NY and LA and backed by my personal research and coaching:


  1. Men are not bad: truths told (what they're really looking for
  2. How to filter through the toxic personalities and emotionally unavailable men in a way that is both quick, and leaves them wanting to come back to you when they are ready (doesn't mean you will be available, but leaving it in the best way!)
  3. Top 3 Toxic behaviors in dates to watch out for, the red flags to not ignore
  4. The common self sabotaging pitfalls that can stop a good thing forming with your potential bae (babe/bf) 
  5. Top 3 Dating Hacks that will get you more success and make sure you never get stuck in swipe syndrome*
  6. The Q&A from the ladies covering when to escalate physicality, how to get guys to plan better dates, how to flip the hook up trap, how to handle office romance, great texts and more! 


*Swipe syndrome - In a constant state of using your index finger to filter members of the opposite sex on dating apps without success past casual dating. Ever.



Dating Masterclass for Gals - From Swipe to Bae Live