• Haifa

How to Avoid the Text Trap

Take late night hook-up texts and flip them back into dating territory.

“When a man is into a woman, man, she knows it.
And when a woman is into a man, he knows it, too.”

Hi, guys. So, I asked my followers on Instagram something the other week, which was this:

How easy is it for you to know if someone's into you or not?

And the responses were split.

Half of you said that it's easy and the other half said that you had absolutely no idea!

So I thought I’d help to clear up any confusion and make it super, super easy for you to know if someone is, in fact, into you, OR if they're going to string you along into potentially a “text pal” conversation you don’t have time for.

How to Find Out if Someone is Into You:

The way to find out if someone's interested in you, whether you met IRL or whether it was via an app, at some point you're going to get into the phone zone, right? (i.e. communicating solely through text messages.)

When this happens, you should start to look out for three things: