BBC Feature: From Swipe to Engagement: Shanna & Simon + key tips for other singles seeking the same

Updated: Feb 11

Anyone who thinks love in lock down isn't possible, I hope you will have renewed hope by the time you get to the end of this blog when you read the success story and tips to start your path to love in lock down. Love is possible in the pandemic and here's a beautiful story from my client, Shanna, 30-year-old American gal & her now Fiancé Simon, 32 British/Irish guy who met in London March 2020 on a dating app, grew a relationship in the pandemic throughout the lock down roller coaster and are now engaged! As featured on BBC News just before Valentines day. It started with a single swipe and some coaching on growing an communication and growing an emotional connection while physically apart from me! I'm going to share the tips here for you, including the "CoronaZoned" watch out that every single must know while navigating dating in the pandemic.

Pic: Shanna & Simon Lock Down Engagement Photo, London

For those who are new here, Hi! I’m Haifa. Author of From Swipe to Baeand founder of The Boost App. A self-growth app. Here to share this incredible success story and the 6 keys for other singles seeking the same to help improve your journey to love in this pandemic.

Here’s what Shanna had to sayI was able to focus on what’s really important, not fancy restaurants and cool get away’s’ and find someone who was going to make the best out of a terrible situation, support and care for me and do anything he could to make me happy and I do the same for him in return. My family in the US love him and we’re all having regular family Zoom Time with his. Honestly, I was unsure at first if it was even possible to keep dating let alone end up engaged. Haifa's support and positivity kept me motivated and sane as I navigated the early stages o