• Haifa

Create a Life Strategy in 5 Minutes!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Spoiler alert!

Everything in life is a strategy.

Did you know that?

I’m going to explain what it is, why we need it, and give you a 5-minute strategy framework to kickstart making anything you want to happen by the time you finish this blog post.

Everything in life is a strategy, including how to fulfill all our life needs and feeling fulfilled in those areas on the daily.

EVERYONE, seriously EVERYONE, whether they admit it or not has something they really want and in fact, need, yet keep to themselves because they don’t know how to make it happen, or they’re scared, or worried about something and that gets in the way of achieving what they want & need which blocks being happy right now and living a fulfilled life.

Don’t believe me?

Have you heard of Dr. Mazlow - The Hierarchy of Human Needs?

These include basic needs like food, water, shelter, as well as close relationships, and personal self-growth goals. Without knowing what they are for us individually and how to fulfill them on the daily, our feels are low!! We do not feel good.

The bit that deeply bothers me and why I create all the boosts is this: EVERYONE at some point thinks and believes it’s just them, which is one of the contributors to the rising statistics of unhappiness in the world.

It can be small things that come up throughout the day or bigger things that seem to just feel like a pipe dream, but I assure you it doesn’t have to be this way at all!

I know this because not only have I been there and know what it’s like; there’s a high percentage of other generations who feel and believe these things too… But it’s all BS. It’s false.

We all need : goals, relationships, self-confidence, and to take care of our needs on the daily, all of them, in an integrated way because one without the other is a big cause of that statistic above.

To crack the code you have to learn the codes of every pillar of life. Learn how to elevate them to a place of greater personal fulfillment, which is what gets you to the waking up every day feeling motivated, happy, living your high life with whoever you want there with you

It doesn’t just happen, you make it happen...